Joey Ortega
"I recommend this to anyone who is in the market for a rotary machine. Its quiet, strong and efficient! I have used it for lining, I primarily use it for shading and color packing and work with everything from a 7-15 mag. The Valor pushes all of them with ease."
Tripple Crown Tattoo
Austin, TX
Jim Sylvia
" The Valor is a great rotary machine. It works perfectly with all wrath tubes. It is super lightweight. It works well for both color and black and grey."
Unbreakable Tattoo
Studio City, CA









Josh Carter
"One of the most well thought out and smoothest running rotaries Ive ever used. The Valor is an incredibly versatile machine."
Immaculate Tattoo
Mesa, AZ
Coty Vondracek
"I have been using the Valor rotary machine since the day it came out and I am more than happy with the way it runs. It is like no other machine on the market. It allows for blending to be unreal and effortless. I set up with 2 Valors every time I tattoo. This machine is a definite must have in your line up."
Cloak and Dagger
Oak Hill, CA









Daniel Rocha
"The Valor rotary machine has an awesome sleek design. It is easy on the hands due to it's light weight and I like the fact that I can achieve ideal soft black and greys."
Seven Tattoo
Las Vegas, NV
Christina Ramos
"I typically don't use rotary machines but this one makes a great asset. It's perfect for smooth grays, very lightweight and easy to keep clean. My customers love it too because it's more gentle on the skin."
True Tattoo
Hollywood, CA









Nate Fierro
"The best thing I like about the valor rotary is how simple it is to change the stroke bearing. I can easily change the stroke for black and grey shading or packing color. Being able to switch it to cartridge mode, and the motor being very quiet is a big plus too. Also, the RCA input instead of a clip cord connection makes running it very consistent."
High Voltage Tattoo
Hollywood, CA
Bili Vegas
"The valor tattoo machine is a great piece if equipment for any tattoo artist to add to their arsenal. It is lightweight, yet made solidly. The Valor is easy to disassemble for cleaning and maintenance which I appreciate. The magnetic dampening system also always ensures the needle is retracted safely into the tube when powered down. The needle bar stabilizer eliminates the need for rubber bands, and keeps needles straight and held to the bottom of the tube. Thanks tat soul!
Tattoo Afterlife
Huntington, NY



Will Gonzales
"I have used a dozen different brands of rotaries over the years, before they were really all that popular. The Valor from Tatsoul, not only looks really awesome (and I get comments on it all the time) but is a very powerful machine. Some rotaries have trouble doing either lining or shading, but the Valor does it all! It has so many adjustable features, that it can fit in with any need, from black and grey to color packing to lining. Tatsoul is a company pushing innovation and to put better tools in our hands. I am excited to see what else they come out with!"
Loose Screw Tattoo
Richmond, VA
Juan Garcia
"The Valor is truly the lightest and least vibrating machine I have used! It feels great in the hand lessening fatigue and allowing you to work effortlessly. I use it for black and grey and can achieve smooth grades easily and quickly allowing for larger projects! I would recommend using it with a cartridge system and it'll be the only machine you'll need! Great job on this one Tatsoul !!!"
Art of War Tattoo
Moreno Valley, CA